Opening ceremony of Drawings of Love Exhibition

The Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, Sofyan Djalil, attended the ceremony where he officially opened the Drawings of Love exhibition. Also the Minister in charge of the reconstruction of Ache, Mr. Djalil said, "It was a great pleasure for the Government of Indonesia to have this exhibition of children's paintings from around the world. It is a very proud moment for us."
Ambassadors and representatives of embassies from eight countries attended the opening ceremony. The dignitaries were invited to sign the guest book and then participated in the hand painting of a large banner with messages of support. The Ambassadors who attended were from Russia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, New Zealand, Russia and representatives came from the embassies of Germany, Japan and the US.
The ceremony included children's singing performances and a traditional Aceh dancing demonstration.

"The purpose of the three day exhibition in Jakarta is to remind us all that the orphaned children in Aceh need our love and support—and will continue to need our love and support for many years to come."[b]