Former USSR countries

School of conscious singing

Silence and Sound in Moscow


Peace concert in Moscow

Pavaka in Russia in Belarus

Concert in Moscow

Bhajans concert in Moscow

Mahiyan's talk in Moscow

Chidananda's class in Moscow

Joy Week in Crimea, 2013

Joy Week in Crimea, 2010

St. Petersburg

Tbilisi, Georgia

Joy Week in Crimea, 2009

Moscow Zoo 2009

Berdyansk, Ukraine

New Year run 2009

City of Oslo

Duathlon in Moscow, 2008

13-hour race

Joy Week in Crimea, 2008

Shaan-Kaya, Crimea, Ukraine

Crimea - Foros

Caucas Mountains

Spring by the Sea of Japan


Self-Transcendence Cup

Yaroslavl town

Self-Transcendence Race

Moscow zoo

EUROSTRONG-2007 / Kiev

Unusual exhibition

Crimea 2006

Winter run in Moscow park

New Year night 2007

Duathlon in Moscow 2006

Dolls for African kids

Nature's beauty

Hike to saint springs

Summer 2006

Country estate Kolomenskoe

Easter in Moscow region

Drawings of Hope

Joy Week 2006

Birds in Moscow

New Year Harmony Run

Moscow University in winter

Joy Day in Moscow

Drawings for Indonesia

Joy Day in Moscow[b]


Flowers exhibit in Moscow[b]

Summer in Moscow